Runway and model photos from the Custo Barcelona collection at the Miami Fashion Week taken by Fashion Photographer James Santiago.

In the 1980’s brothers Custo and David Dalmau founded the label Custo Line which became Custo Barcelona in 1996. The brand was inspired by the brothers’ long trip around the world, where they discovered various artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions. Having studied architecture and art, the brothers Dalmau combined the two aesthetics to create their intricate textile designs and iconic printed tops and introduced the T-shirt to Spain. Since then, the Catalan fashion label has evolved with a women’s line, a men’s line as well as shoes and accessories. In 2008, Custo Barcelona presented their first woman’s perfume which won the Glamour Award for best women’s fragrance a year later. Since then fragrances for men have also been added. The brand has had great success worldwide available in more than 40 countries through over 3,000 fashion retailers and expanding prolifically in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.