There are agencies who try to get money up front from potential models to pay for their marketing materials, keep the lights on, and make a profit. Let’s face it, no modeling agency operates as a non-profit charity for underprivileged beautiful people.

There are some legit agencies who think that a model may have potential, but don’t want to take the risk of paying for anything on the models behalf. Even the top agencies will front certain costs, at and up to a certain point. The hard part is determining if these prepay boutique agencies actually have clients to assign the models to. In today’s world, it could take some work on the internet, but check the agencies website, and try to get in touch with a few of the models. Chances are that they have social media profiles with the same pictures fro the agency site. See if they have posted actual work on the profiles or mentioned it.

If the agency boasts about their clients, then that could be a yellow flag. Top agencies don’t have to prove anything about their client lists. One legit reason a prepay agency does not take the risk is because their talent is usually amateur or mediocre grade. No former Ford model is going to go to an agency such as these. They have models that could have potential but the ones who really have it going on for themselves are snatched up by the bigger agencies.

Prepay agencies sometimes act as mother agencies and will want a percentage if the model gets signed by a major agency. The first thing any model should do, is to submit photos to, or attend the open call for the major agencies. A rejection from them, even though it could be temporary, will signal you to bump down to the boutique agencies. If it is something he really wants to do, it could be worth it to prepay at the right agency. But if you are in London, building a portfolio to start with should not cost too much.

I would recommend trying these agencies first.

Elite Models London
1 Islington High street
N1 9LQ United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7841 3288

Next London
Ground Floor, Blocks B & C
Morelands Buildings, 5 – 23 Old Street
EC1V 9HL United Kingdom

Phone:+44 207 251 9850

Storm Model Management
5 Jubilee Place
SW3 3TD United Kingdom

Phone:+44 207 368 9967

Wilhelmina Models London
9 Printing House Yard
E2 7PR United Kingdom
Phone:+44 0 20 7613 0993

Select Models
27 Mortimer Street
W1T 3JG United Kingdom
Phone:+44 207 299 1355

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