There are many Calvin Klein models and it seems that many of them have a natural fit look to their bodies. It would be a bit hard for many to believe that it comes natural. Otto Pierce, who was a farmer growing up in Vermont, had the natural fitness look without an “actual” fitness routine from his farming year. And one of the most famous Calvin Klein models, Kate Moss, will tell you that she is a bit too lazy for the gym.

Be that as it may, I can give a great two-for-one example of Calvin Klein models workouts in brief. Natalia Vodianova and Freddie Ljungberg.

Natalia, one of the many women who has modeled for Calvin Klein, has given birth to three children and continues to mode. She still looks like a minor sometimes. She is a fan of Yoga. And not the simple yoga, but the

complicated yoga like Surya Namaskara (Thank god for spell suggestion!) She supposedly spends up to two hours doing Yoga and doesn’t always use a trainer. She goes jogging as well but I think almost anyone who works out jogs on a frequent basis. There are many models who also do yoga as it seems to be a great way to exercise without getting the bulkiness that P90X will warrant.

Freddie, who is from Sweden, is obviously fit because he plays soccer. He has to go through a routine as part of his leagues training so between games he trains with the club doing whatever soccer drills they have to do. He claims that the gym is not his favorite thing so pretty much does core workouts.

I, myself, would suggest Pilates to anyone considering a workout plan. I can’t say if any Calvin Klein model does Pilates. I was certified in Reebok Core Pilates in 2002 and I thought it was great. I was never into Yoga as many times it seems a bit to “spiritual” for me.

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