Runway and model photos from the Mirage Bridal Couture collection at the Miami Fashion Week taken by Fashion Photographer James Santiago.

Fadila Kihel is an Algerian designer, known for her dedication to perfection and originality. She began her career by simply sewing when she decided to enroll in a fashion school in her country when she was 20. Later on, she entered ready-to-wear 2002, a training company manager from the Paris Chamber of Trade and Communication. Since 1992, Fadila runs an atelier in Draria (Algeria) with a team composed mainly of seamstresses, embroiderers and finishers working in a friendly atmosphere. She has participated in many cultural events and presented her designs at fashion shows: in Portugal in 1994 as part of an international exhibition, as well as Egypt 1998 as part of a traditional art fair. Her imagination helped her to create new modern and original models: she introduced the neckline and long slit in the traditional held and used muslin for making the karakou (a traditional Algerian costume), which is usually done with velvet. Fadila Kihel covers both the modern and the traditional style. This artist has enriched the Algerian cultural heritage through her ‚Äč‚Äčinterest in keeping enriching and promoting the traditional costumes of her land.