That’s not Victoria’s “Secret”, it’s Whole Foods’ Secret. There is nothing different with a Victoria’s Secret models diet, if they even follow one, that would be different from anyone else’s who is dieting. If models want to diet they follow guidelines just like everyone else. This is part of a greater question which is, “How can I look like a Victoria’s Secret Model?”

Although there are some cases in which Victoria’s Secret models do have these Whole Food grocery lists and diet, not all of them do. (See below). Also you are asking for Victoria’s Secret-grade type models, not the actual models themselves. There is no specific diets that models have that any other health conscious person does.

But she does not just sit around and expect to look as she does. According to “Gisele performs variety of exercises to maintain her trim figure. While she dedicates five days in a week to cadio-workouts, two days of her week are reserved for yoga. Without fail, she devotes one hour in a day to workouts. Anusara yoga, which is free-style yoga and is comparatively easier than other yoga postures, is her all-time favorite yoga.” –Healthy Celeb – Celebrity Height, Weight, Fitness, Fashion, Entertainment