I would say, without a doubt, that it has made things easier. I have been on both sides, the pre-digital and digital eras, and the demand has exceeded the supply of models. The digital age has helped increase the amount of photographers, digital publications, advertising outlets, and resources.

It is still very competitive and not everyone finds success even by their own definition of what success is. An example is that anyone can go to Best Buy and purchase a digital camera and studio lights, any model can upload their picture to a model search forum, and almost anyone can start an online magazine.

But it takes some hard work, natural talent, and god-given physical stats in order to excel all those who “want to be”. I have many new models, after having free or cheap photo shoots, that contact me because they realize that they did not get anything useful for their books. But with the digital age I am so easy to find on the internet and I have so many place to display my work.

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