As a photographer, the easiest way would be through social media. By joining industry groups on facebook, for example, you could help get her name out there. The down side is that serious clients are not going through facebook for their models because of the extensive contracts involved. If for local jobs, such as a car show in Los Gatos, perhaps, but The Limited is not contracting the next Victoria’s Secret Angels from Instagram or Facebook. They would go through major channels that they already work with. If you are trying to earn money off of her success, apart from being against the law as you would then be operating as an unlicensed agent, it would possibly keep her from being signed by a good agency as they would have to pay “mother agency” fees. If you would only like to see her success then you could submit pictures on her behalf, but you would not have any capacity to represent her to clients. Joining on-line forums, Linked In, and careful screening of craigslist gigs, could be of help. But directly promoting a model as a photographer would not be easy. It would take more time to build connections and network and not leave much time for photography.

Source: How do I, as a photographer, promote a model to get jobs? – Quora