Are you a guy or a girl? If you are a girl a 6’00” I would say college can continue later, hence the term “continuing your education. A girls career in modeling may not last as long as a guy and at 22 you have already missed about 6 years. If you are a guy, then 6’00” is average height and you could last until you are 29-30 years old easily so waiting until you are done is Ok.Now, assuming also that you are 22 AND asking this question you are not in a major center for modeling and fashion. If that is the case then you should start planing to relocate. New York, Miami, LA, and Chicago would be ideal places. In the meantime there is a social network where you can possible get some free test shoots from local photographers in order to practice being in front of the camera. This you could easily schedule around school.Perhaps if we had more specifics about yourself, it would be easier to answer.