You can find a photographer who will hold your hand through the whole process but you may also find some that will expect you to provide everything including the time and date to shoot. The problem will amount to your budget. Obviously the less your budget is, the less a photographer will be able to do for you. But you may find some photographers to offer more help in the final shoot. But generally, the point of most fashion photographers is that they ARE able to assist with such a shoot. Professional fashion photographers have experience in setting up a shoot from selecting the creative team, scouting locations, and editing the photos. And you may even find photographers who have experience with eCommerce platforms who can edit and upload the photos to your website. It is up to you to be able to provide just enough information about what you are looking for, such as a mood board, and the budget you are looking to stay within. The hardest part for you will be finding a photographer that has the creative capacity to pull off the look that you are going for and you may end up being disappointed if you don’t do your homework.