Runway and model photos from the Magnolia collection at the Miami Fashion Week taken by Fashion Photographer James Santiago.

MAGNOLIA: In 2003, Ines Ojeda (Architect) and Raquel Manzoni (Graphic Designer) who were friends since high school and shared a passion for fashion design got together to follow their dream; this was the beginning of MAGNOLIA. A brand with 10 years in the market, loved by her followers who called themselves “MAGNOLIAS”. The leitmotiv and strength of the brand have always been design that emerges in every season from a different inspiration source. Most of the time inspiration would come from trip to a special place or simply travel through the time or history. Audacity and sophistication combined in a style that goes from classic to avant-garde are some characteristics of Magnolia’s style. From pret-a-porter to evening clothes, we offer all women very feminine exclusive designs. In Asuncion, we are one of the leading fashion brands having participated every year of the Asuncion Fashion Week shows since it was created in 2003. Magnolia is very proud to be part of the Miami Fashion Week Resort Edition in May 2014 considered for the designers “a professional and personal challenge and growth”.