As a former model and former model agent, James has answered many frequently asked questions. Some of the questions are How to’s and other just contain some curiosities that readers had on their mind. A fashion photographer should be knowledgeable when it comes to developing a persons modeling potential and as a former agent, he strive to stay informed and shares that information with you.

Open to working with new faces for model agencies including IMG Models, Next Model Management, Elite Model Management, Ford Models, Wilhelmina Models, MC2 Models, MP Mega Models, Michele Pommier Models, Major Models, Why Not Models, Fashion Models, Front Management, and Runways the Talent Group.

There are those that have potential to model but they do not receive the development nor direction that they need to have that look brought out through photography. I envision a shoot as an art, not just taking a photo. I am able to create art that can tell a story as well as look beautiful in print.”

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    How Supermodels lose weight?

    Because supermodels are human beings, they lose weight just like everyone else when they need to. They have to consume less calories than what they take in. Which depending on their lifestyle is not that difficult to do. First lets understand there is a difference between losing weight and looking good. Not all models have…

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    Who has Cara Delevingne modeled for?

    Cara Delevingne has appeared in many many campaigns and runway shows. She has graced the covers of 100s of magazines covers and numerous videos. There would be no way to list all of the clients she has modeled for in the past since her appearance in the LOVE Magazine in 2009. Some of her bigger…

  • How do Calvin Klein models train?

    There are many Calvin Klein models and it seems that many of them have a natural fit look to their bodies. It would be a bit hard for many to believe that it comes natural. Otto Pierce, who was a farmer growing up in Vermont, had the natural fitness look without an “actual” fitness routine…

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    Who is the male and female model in this video?

    Melissa is a model with Wilhelmina Models in New York. Gui Fedrizzi is a model represented by Next Models in New York. The two models in the video above appeared together in a fashion editorial in the June 2013 issue of Esquire Magazine. The photos were taken by John Russo. The video was shot as…

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    How do models prevent camel toe while walking a show?

    I don’t really think that camel toe is a major issue as are wedgies. I have heard of designers using hairspray or starch to keep bikinis from wedging into places it should not be wedged. But I have not heard of any issues with camel toes although I have noticed a few after shooting the…

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    Who is this model from Urban Outfitters?

    The model you are looking for is Lauren Layne. She is from Joplin, Missouri, USA. She was born on January 6, 1994Here measurements are: Height:5’9” , Waist:22″, Bust:32″, Hips:33″, Shoes:8 US, Eye Color:Blue-Green, Hair Color:Dark Brown. You could get in touch with her for professional reasons only at 304 Park Ave South Penthouse North New…

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    How do Victoria’s Secret models work out?

    Everyone knows that Victoria’s Secret Models are beautiful, with great bums, and nice figures. There are many women who want to know what their secrets are. But that is a Secret that Victoria does not keep for them. VS models workout like many other beautiful figured women who know what mix of excersize to look…

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    Why are there so few Asian runway models in the US?

    The major reason is due to the height factors in runway modeling. The average height of Chinese is 5’6.7″, Japan – 5’7.4″, and Korea-5’9″. Compare that to Denmark,the average being 5’11.1″, Finland-5’10” or the US-5’10.5″. That’s not to say that there are not tall Asians, but once they reach the height requirements there is also…