I will assume you mean you are asking for useful tips when you start a modeling career. I can only give you the basic tips as there are so many things to consider, but may not apply to everyone. Here is a list that almost any model should take into consideration.

Know what you are getting into – You need to know what you are getting into because sometimes things are taken for granted. When you get really comfortable with your surroundings you begin to slack off. This is a tip of the iceberg effect that something so menial can turn into a bigger problem. Remember, they never came up with the phrase, “Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll” our of thin air. Be careful.

Read, read, read– One major issue is that people don’t fully read their contracts or model releases. For example there may be a clause about selling your images on a stock image website such as corbis, stockphoto, etc. If the shoot is going to be TFP (Time for print) then why should they make money off of your image if you are not. Read closely before you sign and sign before you shoot.

Stay healthy – This goes with out saying, but you would be surprised that it is much harder especially since there will probably be much more abundance of unhealthy habits around you, leading up to the next tip.

Sleep – it is OK to go out once in a while, but there are some models who party so much especially the girls who get to go out for free in so many places. It is almost tempting not to go out.

Save money – Because modeling jobs for most are sporadic and in between, you never know how long before your next job. Make sure not to over indulge in spending. Spend only when necessary and don’t think you can splurge with your first check because you never know when the next one will come again.

Source: What are some useful tips to consider when you modeling? – Quora