I have hunted high and low for names, agency name, etc. Every once in a while you will find some forum where someone claims one of the models is his roommate’s girlfriend’s mom, or something like that. What I have found is a site where you can see more of them, including faces. Here is that link, as well as one of the pics from that series. (A little butt-crack and side boob here. All in the name of art. Hopefully no one is offended.)

I do not know which college capmus this was taken at. Everyone will want to answerthat the girls are: Atom Heart Mother: Pauline Swain Relics: Julia Ashbury Dark Side of the Moon: Jackie Claire Wish You were Here: Mandy The Wall: Jo Caine Animals: Kimberley Cowell. The girls that are in the picture facing the camera are not the original women who sat for the painting. This was a replication of the art done on campus as an Homage to Pink Floyd/Sorority Dare/(Naked Quad Run?). But as far as names, that I dont think your going to get any help with this round.

Source: Who are the models from Pink Floyd’s back catalogue? – Quora