The main reason that models were stereotyped to have lower intelligence and to plainly put it to be dumb began solely out of the fact that modeling is the one job were success can be obtained without ANY prior education or certification. Imagine that you went to college to be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer and when you are rubbing elbows in the Hampton’s, you meet a model who earns more than you. They may not be able to hold they same conversation about politics, science, or world governments. And so there are people who would think them as being stupid. And there have been many models from small towns (De Kalb, Illinois does not produce rocket scientist, sorry Cindy Crawford) who may not have been around ivy league schools growing up are all of a sudden around people who attended Yale and Harvard. These people may get jealous that someone who did not struggle through expensive colleges can make more money than them and be more popular. That leads to them trying to find faults as most humans tend to do. Most people find comfort in believing that models are stupid and incapable of anything else and in result the stereotype spreads like wild fire.Shame on Elliot Mason, this question asks nothing about sex or gender ? The most popular film depicting model as being unintelligent is Zoolander (2001). And that film is about male models.

Source: Why are models stereotyped to have lower intelligence? – Quora